Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reunion Fights (spoilers)

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, the BGC 15 (Bad Girls Club season 15) reunion took place. The show airs on March 15, but there is already tons of tea being spilt! This season of the Bad Girls Club  features a complete cast of sisters and twins.

Bad Girls (and sisters) Hanan and Susu Ibrahim got into a physical altercation with other Bad Girl sisters Kristina and Angela Babicz. According to an audience member Kristina grabbed ahold of Susu's hair and Susu did the same to Kristina. Hanan kicked Angela in the stomach and was trying to be stopped/tamed by atleast 6 security guards. Reportedly, Hanan busted one of the security guards lip but with too much going on, there's no way to confirm it and will just have to wait for the episode to air.
Photo credits: @TheBGCTea (their insta)

The Babicz sisters did not just get in a fight with the Ibrahim sisters but also with Jazmyn and Jaime Wallace. Jazmyn tweeted a photo of her leg all bruised and scratched up saying "My leg look like shit I'm  pissed". Jazmyn was bashing Kristina's head in and all Kristina did was scratched her leg. Jaime and Angela fought as well but all Angela had done was pulled some of her hair out. Jaime reportedly fought an audience member and the Wallace sisters were escorted out of the reunion.
Jazmyn's leg after they were kicked out of the reunion:

As if things weren't twisted enough, half-sisters Olivia Adams and Diamond Jimenez got in a physical altercation. It all started when Diamond posted a offensive video on Instagram addressing Olivia's cancer and also referred to her as a cancer patient and that she should be dead, Ouch. The two went back and forth on Periscope and Instagram. Diamond charged and swung at Olivia when the two were face to face on stage but, Olivia swung back and dragged Diamond:
Photo credits: @TheBGCTea (their insta)

That is all we know that went down at the reunion but here's a full list of all the Bad Girls and the Replacements that did and did not attend the reunion:

The Wallace sisters, Jaime & Jazmyn (attended)
The Babicz sisters, Kristina & Angela (attended)
The Giordano twins, Jessica & Annalisa (did not attend)
Half-Sisters, Olivia Adams & Diamond Jimenez (attended)
Half-Sisters, Amber Thorne & Asia Jeudy (attended)

The Ibrahim sisters, Hanan & Susu (attended)
The Millionaires, Melissa & Allison (attended)
The Hepperle twins, Victoria & Amanda (did not attend)